Umami Seeds – Gym Crush (F)


Umami Seeds – Gym Crush (F)

freebies mix of sherb ripple x zsbf and tokyo sunset x zsbf
Lineage: Headband aka Loompa’s Headband aka Underdog OG x Zwish
Seeds Per Pack: 6+
Sex: (F)
Smells like a cute girl who is just a savage at the gym, a potent combination of perfume, BO and sour fuel terps. Also described as used socks, slightly expired heavy creamer and that old school burnt rubber saltwater kush gas. Some phenotypes lean more fruity/candy with a light soap/z terp but most are gas/fuel dominant.

XXL yields with crazy bushy branching, giant flower clusters, and lots of purple and blue coloration in the leaf and flower.

Plants usually stretch around 1.5x in flower but some phenotypes will double in height so be aware and do not let them veg too long.

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