Mass Auto Flower – Haze Bliss (F)

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Haze Bliss (Auto F)

Haze Bliss was created as a collaborative effort with a medicinal grow facility in order to breed the best possible (f) autoflowering hybrid out of an extremely large selection from the best gene pools around. Combining some of the best classic strains from Europe such as Haze, White Widow, Super Skunk, and the American Blueberry strain, plus a very small hint of far away autoflowering ruderalis, we have created one of the strongest Autos we have ever seen. We took this as a challenge to impress ourselves and the world and show that an Auto can really hold up in comparison to a real plant. Unlike many autos, these plants are extremely pungent, so a carbon filter or privacy is absolutely necessary while these are flowering. In the last of bloom you’ll be punched in the nose with thick cheesy berry aromas, sometimes with a classic oldschool haze flavor! Plants are finished and ready to harvest at 65-70 from sprout, making this one of the fastest solutions to growing quality cannabis while the real plants are still in the vegetative growth phase. A benefit of autoflowering plants is that they are on a set schedule and begin to flower on their own, no matter what the light cycle is, meaning they can be grown in nearly any climate at any time, so long as it isn’t freezing outside! They can be placed in a veg room and will flower automatically as well. It is advisable to sprout them in their final container, and to avoid transplanting. Bigger containers will result in bigger plants! High ing and high potency.

Limited quantities available.

5 (F) autoflowering seeds per pack!

Lineage: Amnesia Haze x Blueberry Bliss ((F))

Aroma: Thick cheesy berry aromas

Flavor: Classic old school haze flavor
: 65-70
: High and High Potency
Height: Bigger containers. Bigger Plants!

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